YOPP - the Year of Polar Prediction

What is YOPP about?

The Polar Prediction Project (PPP) is a 10-year (2013–2022) endeavour of the World Meteorological Organization’s (WMO) World Weather Research Programme (WWRP) with the aim of promoting cooperative international research enabling development of improved weather and environmental prediction services for the polar regions, on time scales from hours to seasonal.

The Year of Polar Prediction (YOPP) is the flagship activity of Polar Prediction Project with the aim of enabling a significant improvement in environmental prediction capabilities for the polar regions and beyond, by coordinating a period of intensive observing, modelling, verification, user-engagement and education activities.

How APPLICATE contributes

APPLICATE will make significant contributions to the different components of YOPP (Jung et al. 2014b):

  • Contribute to the YOPP Modelling Component by improving the representation of key Arctic processes in models, by providing prediction data such as the YOPP Analysis and Forecast Data Set (WP6) to the scientific community, and by determining polar-lower latitude linkages along with their relevance for prediction;
  • Contribute to the YOPP Observation Component through its efforts in Arctic observation system design;
  • Contribute to the YOPP Data Component through publicly delivering forecasting data in a form that is consistent with the YOPP data strategy;
  • Contribute to the YOPP Education and Outreach Component (i) by developing and implementing an educational programme in collaboration with APECS that is well-aligned with the YOPP goals and (ii) by disseminating YOPP-related results, coming out of APPLICATE, widely.

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