User Group

A User Group composed of relevant international stakeholders has been established and is regularly consulted. APPLICATE applies the focus group technique to collect and analyze qualitative data in a guided discussion between a small and diverse group of stakeholders. This technique relies on group interaction and dynamics that stimulates brainstorming, discussion, exchange of ideas and contribution from participants.

The User Group includes qualified representatives from all the APPLICATE targeted stakeholder groups, including the scientific community and international organisations, the public and private sectors, and the society at large including the general public and local communities. 

Composition of the APPLICATE User Group as of December 2020:


Ian Laing,
Executive Director

Veronica Slajer,

Cindy Dickson,
Executive Director

Justin Kim,

Michael Kingston,

Anders Oskal,

Mikhail Pogodaev,
Deputy Minister

Mead Treadwell,

Dr. Zhang Beichen /
Cheng Wenfang

John Wardman,
Science Specialist

Areas of expertise

Economic and resource development, policy, responsible land management

Social performance, community engagement, sustainable development

Indigenous and local communities, Arctic Policies through Arctic Council

Maritime affairs, Research and Policy

Insurance, legal affairs, IMO Polar Code, Arctic Council PAME Arctic Marine Best Practice Forum

Reindeer herder, reindeer herding international cooperation

Regional cooperation in the North, Reindeer husbandry, indigenous and northern communities Arctic Investors, policy shaper

Arctic Investors, policy shaper

Research (research stations and vessels), international science cooperation