Project structure and governance

Organisational Structure and decision making in the consortium

APPLICATE is bringing together the expertise and know how of 16 partners from 9 countries, forming an excellent network for advancing predictive capacity of the weather and climate of the Northern Hemisphere. Considering the size of the Consortium the organisational structure of APPLICATE is extremely efficient, allowing a fast and coherent decision making process. The management structure of APPLICATE is thus based on three levels, ensuring an efficient and success oriented project management.

  • The decision making level: This level consists of the APPLICATE General Assembly which is the highest authority and the central body for strategic discussions within the project consortium, being responsible for the overall performance, the compliance with the Grant Agreement and its Annexes as well as with the Consortium Agreement.
  • The management level: This level is shared by the Project Coordinator with his Management Support Team for operational management and the Executive Board for strategic management.
  • The executive level: The WP leaders and Task Leaders within this level are responsible for carrying out all activities and tasks as described in the individual work packages, keeping close contact with the partners involved in specific tasks and WPs.

The Executive Board (EB)

The role of the Executive Board is fundamental for the project: It is ensuring the successful execution of the project by taking care of the coordination and correct implementation of the scientific project tasks. The EB reports to and is accountable to the GA. It consist of the APPLICATE WP leaders and co-leaders and be chaired by the Project Coordinator. International and external experts from the Advisory Board have been invited to meetings of the EB for assistance and advice as needed. The role of the EB is to ensure the successful implementation of all aspects of the project work plan and to formulate the overall strategy and development of the project, which is proposed to the GA for discussion and decision. The EB’s main responsibilities include:

  • Delivery of the project work plan.
  • Review of the project progress and the resources status.
  • Facilitating the relationship of the project with other new and existing projects and strategic forums and initiatives related to enhancing the predictive capacity of Northern Hemisphere weather and climate.
  • Ensuring the execution of the risk management plans of the project if necessary.
  • Ensuring the smooth internal cooperation and relationship between consortium members as well as external project stakeholders.

The EB meets at least quarterly, or more often as required in the course of the project. Any member of the EB can call for an extraordinary meeting by a written request. The meetings are scheduled if possible in conjunction with other meetings such as the General Assemblies, but they are also held via video- and teleconferences to reduce travel time and cost.


The Advisory Board (AB)

In addition to the Consortium bodies described above, APPLICATE is being supported by the Advisory Board. The AB comprises of internationally recognised external experts in the fields of dynamics and prediction of weather and climate and representatives of the different stakeholder groups relevant to APPLICATE. In addition to those experts, the Coordinators of the funded projects under the topics EU H2020-BG09-2016 and EU H2020-BG10-2016 as well as the Coordinator(s) of the relevant projects funded under the Belmont Forum call on climate predictability and inter-regional linkages have been invited to become members of the APPLICATE AB. Due to its nature and composition, the AB is increasing the international visibility of APPLICATE and is strengthening the international collaboration in weather and climate predictions for the Northern Hemisphere as well as with other European initiatives and projects within this research area. Its role is to give recommendations and support to the strategic steering of the project in close collaboration with the EB and the GA. The AB is:

  • Providing independent advice to the EB and the GA to support strategic decisions.
  • Critically reviewing project progress (e.g. deliverables) to ensure their relevance and excellence and to provide important feedback to the APPLICATE consortium. The members of the AB have been appointed by the GA. The chair of the AB is elected from and among the board members and recommended to the GA for approval.