Work Package 6

Data and High Performance Computing (HPC) Management

Work Package 6 has six primary objectives:

  • To oversee and coordinate, if needed, the HPC activities of the APPLICATE consortium
  • To prepare and disseminate the Year of Polar Prediction (YOPP) Analysis and Forecast Dataset
  • To guide the partners on structured data management, including principles on data documentation, publication and sharing
  • To establish a unified data management system allowing partners to archive and share data produced
  • To link the project data management to relevant Arctic and stakeholder data management frameworks
  • To provide a post-processing environment simplifying analysis of simulations across models and contributing communities

Work package 6 is led by Øystein Godøy from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute.

Contact info

Øystein Godøy

APPLICATE partners participating in Work Package 6