Work Package 1

Weather and climate model evaluation

Work Package 1 has three primary objectives:

  • To develop an Arctic-specific framework that will result in the creation of advanced metrics and diagnostics to assess and analyse existing climate models. Project partners will disseminate this framework to APPLICATE partners and the wider scientific community using the Earth System Model eValuation Tool (ESMValTool).
  • To apply this framework to establishing a baseline understanding of the realism of models across time scales, which will provide insight into the mechanisms governing Arctic climate change and the linkages between the Arctic and the rest of the Northern Hemisphere.
  • To explore the concept of emergent constraints to test the possibility of narrowing the uncertainty of regional climate change projections.

Work package 1 is led by Thomas Jung from the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) and Len Shaffrey from the University of Reading.

Contact info

Thomas Jung

Len Shaffrey

Senior Research Scientist (NCAS Climate)

Department of Meteorology

APPLICATE partners participating in Work Package 1